How to Use Parsec

Introduction: What is Parsec? 

Parsec is a tool that allows you to play games on a friend's computer.  Parsec makes it super easy to join in on multiplayer and coop games that are happening in DCGG. 

This guide will take you through the steps of getting set up with Parsec. Estimated time is about 15 minutes. It is strongly suggested you complete these steps BEFORE joining a DCGG event using parsec.  

Parsec works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome Browser, Android, Raspberry Pi

To Host on Parsec you need to have Windows 8.1+ 

Let Get Set Up With Parsec! 

  1. Go to


  1. Click Download


  1. Download the Client for your Computer. Follow The instructions for Installation.


Once the App finishes install you should be able to open the Parsec App. It should look something like this: 

  1. Create a Login

Once the App is installed and Open, you’ll need to create a parsec account.  Create an account either on the Parsec Website or Click “create account” in the App. 

  1. Confirm your Email Address 

After creating your account, navigate to your email and confirm your email address.  You might have to check your “Promotions” folder if you are using Gmail.


  1. Set Up Your Parsec for Window Display 

Window display will make it easier for you to switch between discord and Parsec while gaming. To set it up, click on settings (The gear Icon on the left hand side) 


Under Settings, find where it says “Window Mode” and select “Windowed”.


  1. Become Friends with your DCGG Host.

Your DCGG host will share with you their friend Id at the start of a DCGG event. To add a DCGG host as a friend, click on the people Icon on the left menu bar.



Now Click “Add Friend”.


Now you can enter the name of your DCGG host 


How to Join a Game with Parsec! 

Congrats! You're now ready to join a game with Parsec! To Join a game follow these steps:


  1. Click on the little computer along the left side. 


  1. You should see a list of people you are Parsec friends with. Click “Connect” to send a connection invite to your DCGG host’s computer.


And it really is that simple. Now you can play games with your keyboard or controller the way you would play games on your own computer. 


What Controllers work with Parsec?


Xbox 360 Controller


Xbox One Controller



PS4 Controller


Switch Pro Controller




Test controllers are connected


What if I have questions about Parsec? 

Your DCGG hosts should be able to help you troubleshoot issues. It is suggested you reach out to your host at least 15 minutes before an event if you are having trouble setting up parsec. You can reach the hosts for your event through meetup or by posting in #general in discord. 


We may not be able to solve your issue 100% of the time, but letting your host know your challenges can help them plan accommodations. 

Please Support the Official Release 

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